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Meet Our Critters!
The following links will bring you to some of the most wonderful animals you'll ever meet. Please take your time to browse through the photos, looking into their eyes and deciding if one of them is right for you. If you can't take another animal in right now, perhaps you would be willing to help us by sponsoring one of these wonderful critters. The happy faces when we can unite that special someone with the perfect companion are what keep us going. That, and our love and dedication to these beautiful creatures. Thank you for caring and for choosing a shelter animal to be your next companion!
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Our Wonderful Animals

A Rescue Animal's Poem

When you look into my eyes I know what you will see.
There is only love and trust where fear once used to be.

For I was an abandoned animal a cold and hungry stray.
But you reached out your gentle hands
And took me home to stay.

I've eagerly accepted the compassion you have shown.
I soon forgot the times
When I was frightened and alone.

You opened up your heart to me
And taught me how to trust.
You've given me a loving home where kindness is a must.

So when you gaze into my face I hope you'll realize,
That "love without condition" is reflected in my eyes.

                       By Carole Preble